Stuff I've Done

Hi! I’m Jon. I do a bunch of different stuff.

Secret Lab

Secret Lab is a game dev studio based in Hobart, Australia. Paris Buttfield-Addison and I have been running the joint since 2008. Practically everything you see on this page was done through the company.


I run training courses and workshops about iOS development, game design, and game development with the Unity game engine.

Live Video Training

From time to time, we run live video training in cooperation with O’Reilly Media, who also publish our books.

I’m currently running one training course.

All dates are in Australian time.

In-Person Training

We frequently run iOS developer training, which have been pretty well received by attendees!

We don’t currently have any upcoming training sessions, but follow me on Twitter and you’ll be notified when one’s coming up!

Open Source Software

  • Yarn Spinner
    • Yarn Spinner is a tool for creating interactive dialogue.



I’m a frequent author for O’Reilly Media, where I’ve written a number of technical books. I mostly write about mobile app development, but I’m also known to write about video games. I usually write with my colleagues, Paris Buttfield-Addison and Tim Nugent.

Video Training

I’ve recorded a number of video training series for O’Reilly, along with my regular co-authors, Paris Buttfield-Addison and Tim Nugent.

Several of our courses are available as Learning Paths, available exclusively on O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online service.